8 Best Apps for Reading on your Daily Commute

If you are a bookworm who hates to waste those precious hours on his daily work-to-home commute every day doing nothing productive, there is no reason to feel frustrated. There are many reading apps available today that will ensure that your commute time is well spent. Not only will reading on your commute help to get rid of the mundaneness of the journey but also make you smarter. Despite the fact that the majority of reading apps are free, some providers charge a monthly fee for access to all books. A Prime subscription is available from some e-Reading providers for $99. If you join, you'll get frequent discounts on the devices listed, as well as a slew of other benefits. Monthly subscriptions can be paid online, and some sites also allow Bitcoin as a form of payment, as it is the quickest transaction with no additional fees. Bitcoin has grown in popularity in recent years, and the majority of the public now trades bitcoins from the comfort of their own homes. This is now possible due to crypto bots like bitcoin future plattform , which can anticipate market moves up to 0.01 seconds in advance. Here are some reading apps that can satisfy your thirst for reading:

1. Marvin: is an iOS app that comes with a clean and user-friendly design; highly modern, with many tools displayed in a variety of colors and fonts. You can therefore hope to learn more about whatever it is that you are reading about. So, if you are reading a novel and want to go back to the place where a certain character made an entry for the first time, you can do that easily. Marvin integrates with services like Google Maps, Dropbox, Evernote, Wikipedia, etc.

2. Stitcher: This app is perfect for news enthusiasts and podcast addicts, and is free for both iOS and Android users. The app allows you to make customized playlists containing podcasts, radio shows, comedy shows, and hardcore news, whatever fascinates you. The newest episodes are automatically downloaded before you step outside and you can even get recommendations from the app.

3. Scribd: is meant for both Android and iOS users. It provides users with unlimited reading for a flat rate every month, and it boasts of an impressive library size comparable to that of Oyster’s. You may choose Scribd to Oyster depending on the publishers you prefer.

4. Pocket: This is perfect for news addicts who are always living in the fear of missing out on whatever is happening around them. The app is free of cost for both iOS and Android users, and is a browser add-on tool allowing you to save your preferred articles for reading offline later on. You can start reading these when you are stuck in traffic or even waiting for an elevator.

5. Audible is meant for the bookworm and allows you to browse through the bestsellers list as you navigate the rush hour traffic. You can get a downloaded book for only $15 a month and you are free to download or stream your book collection for listening whether you are in your car, on the train ride home, or even while working out at the gym.

6. Rooster is an iOS app has been designed for your commute especially and for a minimal fee, you can get satisfying book installments that will take you 15 minutes of reading time. The collection is hand-picked by an expert team of bibliophiles. You are free to tweak the schedule and frequency of these installments for maximum accessibility.

7. Librify can be used on iPads only and for a reasonable subscription amount, you get to keep one book from its hand-picked selection of bestsellers, emerging authors, and book club favorites. If you invite a friend to read the book along with you, it is possible to view their reading progress, comments, and highlights.

8. Next Issue is ideal for magazine-lovers and is a joint venture of 6 leading publishers including Conde Nast, News Corp, Meredith, Time.Inc, Rogers Communications etc. Through your monthly subscription you are free to view each of their catalogues.